Our clients are an extension of our family. So when they take the time to give us a referral, or recommendation, we do not take that lightly. Below are some examples of our amazing client testimonials.

“I first met Tracey in 2014 and was immediately impressed by her open and friendly manner. Her interest in my financial goals for the future, and her reassurance that she and her colleague, Kristina Thomas, were committed to building their company and their relationship with clients. This was important to me after many years of dealing with bank financial advisers who were there one year and gone the next, leaving me to deal with yet another new face. We met several times over the following months as we got to know each other and again, I was impressed by her listening skills and how she reacted to any concerns I had regarding my investments, but mostly I welcomed her suggestions and ideas as to how to grow my portfolio. So, many years on, I can quite honestly say I am so glad to have this most knowledgeable and personable advisor in my camp, it's obvious she loves her chosen profession and would recommend her and Sea Glass Wealth most highly.”
Louise H
“I was selling my house in North Vancouver and downsizing to a condo. The house was my major asset and it was vital to secure the future with that in mind. At that time, Tracey Lundell and Kristina Thomas of Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group began to manage my investments and give financial advice. They have done this ever since and have been knowledgeable, vigilant, responsible, ethical and trustworthy in every way. Above all, I appreciate the quality and frequency of their communications with me. I have no real knowledge of investments or financial affairs and they have always taken the time to thoroughly listen and explain. We have done detailed planning together, based on my financial situation, my plans and goals. I know they have my best interests in mind and that they see me as an individual, with unique challenges and opportunities in life. There have been many global economic ripples over the last few years and as we all know, the future is unpredictable. The women at Sea Glass Wealth have weathered these calmly, always being watchful on my behalf and keeping themselves (and me) informed about each new development, ready to act on my behalf. As a senior woman, I feel confident that my finances are in safe hands and being managed in the best possible way. I wholeheartedly recommend Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group.”
Trish G

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